Maintenance of swimming pools in Montenegro

Water quality control

Addition of chemicals

Diagnostics of equipment and repair

Maintenance Logging

Preparing the pool for the season:
Cleaning, Disinfection, Removal of calcium, Cleaning of filters and supply pipes, restoration of the mosaic.
Seasonal maintenance of swimming pools
Pool equipment inspection
Correction of equipment operation modes

Water balance reagents
Chlorine Bromate Water disinfection
Algicide Algae growth prevention
Flocculation water turbidness prevention
Shock chlorination

Checking the status of the filtration system
Backwashing of filters
Cleaning the pool floor and walls with a vacuum cleaner
Cleaning prefilter pumps
Cleaning the skimmer basket
Removal of deposits from the walls with a brush
Calibration of dosing stations
Mosaic restoration

Prices for chemistry:


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